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Birth of a Blog

May 18th, 2017

Birth of a Blog
As it looks like I will be continuing with this attempt to sell photographs on the internet, it seems like a blog is in order. I am not sure why that would be true but I suspect there are several reasons why this is a good thing for me to do, whether reading said blog is a good thing for you to do is questionable. I do suspect however that the quality of the content will improve with practice and (who knows) may one day be well worth reading, in parts at least.
I think that one very valuable purpose that might be served is as a repository for all of the personal and questionably relevant details that are presently in my bio. One might think that a "bio" is a perfect place to post such trivia and normally that would be true. In this case however, the bio is what the website host set up as the first text that people see when they enter so it is a bit like walking in to a gallery and having the artist come up to you and start telling you their life story. It can be a bit off-putting. Do not worry, I have no intention of telling you my entire life story but I will put bits in here so you have some idea who it is behind the view finder and/or keyboard. I intend to replace the bio with a nice brief "welcome to the store" type of message that tells people what they need to know to navigate the site and just a brief statement of what they can hope to find in my galleries if they take the time to browse or search.
Beyond that bit of housekeeping and a few other chores around the gallery I plan to use this blog to keep a journal of things that inspire me, tutorials that I find and just basically keep track of the "path of my artistic development" in addition to random stream of conscious ramblings.
I'll end this post with the cut & paste of my bio...flawed as it is. I save it for historical purposes and make replacing it with something else a top priority.
After fifty years of studying and practicing the art of photography, I find myself living on a beautiful island in the Salish Sea. Traveling the world and capturing the beauty that I see in photographs is my passion. Some of my travels are close to home sailing the waters that join Washington State and British Columbia. Other times I will fly to exotic locations around the world to bring back images captured in locations like Thailand, Italy, Croatia and many others. I look beyond the post card snapshots to give you a more intimate view of the places that I visit through the landscapes, portraits and close-up perspectives that I share with you in my photographs.

I discovered Fine Art America while searching for a high quality print on demand site that would give consistently good results when I purchase fine art prints for my home. I have purchased prints in acrylic, metal, and a wide variety of papers. The results have always been outstanding and I have the reassurance of a full refund if not satisfied. I hope that you will find something in my galleries that you would like to display in your own home and that you receive as much enjoyment viewing the images as I did creating them.

This reminds me of the story of Rip Van Winkle (no relation) he fell asleep leaning against a tree and woke up a really long time later.
As we come up on the first anniversary of my very first blog (attempt) I find myself underwhelmed by my level of productivity as a blogger. I would not blame my (imaginary) audience if they had all wandered off to other more interesting venues. it has been a long wait since my last/first entry and I hope to at least double my productivity in the coming year of blogging, or not blogging as the case may be.

I do have news to share at this time so I will start with that: I SOLD ANOTHER PRINT!...yes I know, I am excited also. It was a 16 inch glossy canvas of "Surf Rescue Boat". That has been a very popular image for me as it approaches 1000 views and having sold three times now not counting the two that I purchased. I donated one to the Coast Guard station at La Push and matted one 16 inch print on photo luster paper.

Speaking of sales, here is where I stand at this point. I have sold three prints of "Surf Rescue Boat" to patrons in Virginia, Florida and Minnesota. I sold a print of "Orcas Black & White" to a patron in Canada and sold two prints to a friend and neighbor (Jetty Moonset & Portrait of Adel). My biggest fan of all time (so far) is still myself as I have purchased way more than I have room to hang with the largest being a 5 foot wide metal print of "Tragic Beauty".

In other news, I finally deleted the personal info from my "about" tab. Any autobiographical stuff that I choose to share will be in this blog, as in the first entry "Birth of a Blog".